This page sets out the terms and conditions on which we will deliver goods ordered from the FR3SHBOX website, www.fr3shbox.com. By ordering any items from FR3SHBOX or subscribing to one of FR3SHBOX’s services, you agree to be bound by these terms, and any orders placed will be deemed as acceptance of these terms.

Takeaway Orders

  1. Cancellation and refunds

1.1 Please note that once your order has been submitted online, due to the perishable nature of our goods you do not have a right to cancel any contract for products under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulation 2013.

1.2 If in the event you do wish to cancel your order and providing preparation has not yet been started by our kitchen team, we may be able to cancel the order and process a full refund. To check if this is possible please call the shop as soon as possible on 01202 540227.

1.3 We reserve the right to cancel an order at any time and provide a full refund.

1.4 All products are subject to availability. If we are unable to supply you with a product because it is unavailable or because of an error on our website, we will pause preparation of the order and contact you to agree next steps. If an agreeable replacement can made then we will proceed with the order accordingly, but if not we will refund you the full amount for the affected item/items as soon as possible.

  1. Order changes

2.1 If you should need to make any changes to your order, this will only be possible where preparation of the order hasn’t already started. For all order change requests please call the shop as soon as possible. Any difference in the amended order value will then have to be either paid or refunded back to the original payment method used.

  1. Collection & Delivery

3.1 For orders to be delivered by FR3SHBOX drivers, delivery addresses must be within 3 miles of our shop (as shown on the map below).

3.2 We will endeavour to fulfil your order in a timely manner and as near to the time selected on your order as is reasonably possibly. Please note that these times are estimates only and may vary slightly depending on a number of factors such as order volumes or local traffic issues. If we foresee a significant delay to us fulfilling your order either for collection or delivery we will contact you to advise. We are not responsible for delays caused by factors outside of our control.

3.3 If you have ordered through a third party delivery app, any issues with delivery should be directed to the customers care team of the app you ordered from. FR3SHBOX will not be responsible for any order issues caused by third party delivery drivers once the food has left our premises.

  1. Your Statutory Rights

4.1 As per The Consumer Rights Act 2015, we are obligated to supply Products that are as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality, and that services must be carried out with reasonable skill and care. If there are any issues with items included in your order, please contact us at contact@fr3shbox.com and we will look into providing credit for a replacement.

  1. Products

5.1 Images used throughout our website are for illustrative purposes only. Although we have made every effort to display the Products accurately, the Products may vary slightly from those images.

5.2 All nutritional info provided on our website is intended to be used as a guide only. Whilst we have taken measures to ensure the accuracy of our data, all figures are estimates pending independent verification.

  1. Allergies

6.1 Our shop may from time to time use nuts or other allergens in the preparation of certain items. Please contact us prior to ordering if you have an allergy or an allergy related question.

  1. eGift Cards

7.1 eGift cards are sent by email to the recipient specified on the order. Before contacting us about the whereabouts of an eGift card not received, please check your spam folder (or the recipient’s if sent as a gift).

7.2 eGift Cards are valid for orders placed through the fr3shbox.com website only- they cannot be redeemed instore.

7.3 All giftcards are valid for 360 days. Any balances unused beyond this point cannot be renewed or redeemed thereafter.

  1. VAT

8.1 All prices displayed on our menu are inclusive of VAT.

  1. Complaints

9.1 If you wish to complain. If you have any questions or complaints about your order, please email us at contact@fr3shbox.com.

Meal Prep Subscriptions & Deliveries

This Agreement, any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with this Agreement and the relationship between the parties, shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England. Each party irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales over any claim or matter arising under or in connection with this Agreement.

FR3SHBOX services are only intended for people residing in the UK. For local deliveries customers must select a delivery address within the following set of postcodes: BH31, BH24, BH23, BH22, BH21, BH18, BH17, BH16, BH15, BH14, BH13, BH12, BH11, BH10, BH9, BH8, BH7, BH6, BH5, BH4, BH3, BH2, BH1.

UK customers outside of these postcodes must select our nationwide delivery service, provided by our courier partner DPD. FR3SHBOX does not accept orders from individuals outside of the serviced area.

All FR3SHBOX subscriptions run from Monday to Friday. Orders are submitted by completing the relevant online order form at www.fr3shbox.com/order.

Local Delivery

Please see the table below for deadlines for new orders, updates and their associated delivery dates:

Order PlacedFirst Delivery
Mon before 3pmTuesday
Tues before 3pmWednesday
Wens before 3pmThursday
Thurs before 5pmMonday


Nationwide Delivery (DPD)

Please see the table below for deadlines for new orders, updates and their associated delivery dates:

Nationwide Delivery OptionsNew order and order update deadlineMon before 3pmTues before 3pmWens before 3pmThurs before 3pmFri before 3pmSat before 3pmSun before 3pm
Tuesday & Thursday deliveriesFriday 5pmDispatch: Wens
Delivery: Thurs
Dispatch: Wens
Delivery: Thurs
Dispatch: Mon
Delivery: Tues
Dispatch: Mon
Delivery: Tues
Dispatch: Mon
Delivery: Tues
Dispatch: Wens
Delivery: Thurs
Dispatch: Wens
Delivery: Thurs
Wednesday and Friday deliveriesMonday 5pmDispatch: Tues
Delivery: Wens
Dispatch: Thurs
Delivery: Fri
Dispatch: Thurs
Delivery: Fri
Dispatch: Tues
Delivery: Wens
Dispatch: Tues
Delivery: Wens
Dispatch: Tues
Delivery: Wens
Dispatch: Tues
Delivery: Wens


Results from the purchase of FR3SHBOX meals are not guaranteed. For the best results customers should combine any FR3SHBOX diet with daily exercise.

If you have a medical condition which affects your dietary requirements (eg allergies, intolerances and certain illnesses), you must take your own medical advice before using FR3SHBOX.

As a company we reserve the right to cancel subscriptions at any time. For any meals paid for but not received, customers will be reimbursed on a pro-rata basis where appropriate. FR3SHBOX also reserve the right to refuse any order placed by you at any time prior to acceptance, without providing an explanation.

All meals ordered through the FR3SHBOX website will be delivered chilled, ready to be re-heated by the customer.

FR3SHBOX is able to deliver your food every morning from Monday – Friday. You can select the specific days you want food to be delivered on your order form and may request to have more than one day of food delivered on any particular morning.

The Food will be delivered to you at the address you provided during the order process which may be an address other than the billing address. Each customer is limited to one delivery address.

The courier will take reasonable steps to deliver your food, however if you feel that your delivery will require special instructions (such as gaining access to secure parts of your home or any other building in order to deliver your food), please notify us on your order form.

For the avoidance of any doubt, where a bag is delivered in accordance with your instructions and subsequently goes missing, this will be regarded as a successful delivery

It is accepted that anyone at the delivery address is entitled to accept delivery, unless you have provided explicit instructions to the contrary.

If, having taken all reasonable steps, our drivers or courier are unable to deliver your order, we will attempt to contact you. If we are unable to deliver in such circumstances, we reserve the right to charge you for the food that you should have received that day in any event.

FR3SHBOX is not responsible for any theft of meals from the delivery address.

We are unable to deliver orders at a specific time and in any circumstances where we do indicate that we’ll attempt to deliver at a specific time, this will in no way form part of the contract and failure to deliver at such time will not constitute a breach of these Terms.

FR3SHBOX reserve the right to increase the price of meals to reflect any increase in the cost to us due to any factor beyond our control (such as, and without limitation, the cost of delivery to your address, any foreign exchange fluctuation, increases in the cost of raw ingredients, increases in the costs of labour, materials or other manufacturing costs).

The subscription plan for FR3SHBOX Services consists of an initial charge followed by recurring period charges as agreed to by you. By entering into this agreement, you acknowledge that your subscription has an initial and recurring payment feature and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges prior to deactivation.

By subscribing to FR3SHBOX you are agreeing to pay recurring periodic subscriptions for an indefinite or defined time until cancellation by you or us, on the subscription terms set out in the order form you have completed.

All subscription payments are settled by credit or debit card. Subscriptions renew on a weekly basis until cancelled.

We reserve the right to pause your account and deliveries due to non-payment or payment failure. Deliveries will resume upon receipt of all monies owed.

In the event of a price change customers will be given 14 days’ notice, during which time customers may cancel their subscriptions. Payments thereafter will be adjusted according to the new price plans. Any cancellations beyond this point will be managed as per the standard cancellation policy.


Any discounts are offered at the Company’s discretion and may be retracted for any reason and without notice.

Discounts offered through corporate agreements are valid only for affiliated company personnel. Abuse of corporate discounts may result in the termination of a subscription.

Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

All meals will be at your risk from the time of delivery.

Ownership of the meals will pass to you upon delivery after FR3SHBOX have received full payment of all sums due.

Neither FR3SHBOX nor our courier partner shall be deemed responsible for any theft of the Food from the delivery address.

If you suspect that your meals have been stolen from the delivery address please contact us immediately so that we can discuss alternative delivery arrangements for future deliveries. Until such alternative arrangements are made, we reserve the right to suspend your order until suitable new arrangements have been made.

FR3SHBOX expressly disclaims all liability which may arise by virtue of the meals being left unattended for a period of time after delivery. This includes but is not limited to theft, tampering, contamination and the result of any change in temperature in respect of items which need to be kept chilled.

If you are dissatisfied in any way with the food provided by FR3SHBOX, please get in touch at contact@fr3shbox.com and we will be happy to resolve any issues.

By entering into these terms you acknowledge that there is no automatic right to a refund where you wish to cancel your subscription.

If you wish to cancel your subscription all requests must be sent by email to contact@fr3shbox.com. FR3SHBOX require three (3) full working days’ notice in order to cancel your deliveries and stop future payments being taken in all instances.

For all cancellations, so long as 3 business days’ notice has been provided no additional weeks will be charged or delivered. Cancellation requests that are received less than 3 business days from the start of the next week of deliveries, will be actioned after that final week of deliveries.

You can re-subscribe at any time, but FR3SHBOX reserves the right to reject any future orders.

Pursuant to regulation 28 of the Consumer Contracts (Information, cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, contracts for the supply of goods are exempt from the right to withdrawal if those goods are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly. For the avoidance of doubt, deliveries containing freshly prepared meals are exempt from the right to cancel.

If you are unhappy with your order for any legitimate reason such as missing meals, incorrect orders, or failure to deliver as per the agreement, you must inform FR3SHBOX within 24 hours of receipt of your food, and in any case, no later than the day after our records show it as having been delivered to you. FR3SHBOX may provide a refund or other compensation as appropriate but this is entirely at FR3SHBOX’s discretion.

FR3SHBOX reserves the right to cancel your order with immediate effect and arrange a full refund of outstanding amounts. FR3SHBOX can exercise this right at any time and for whatever reason in its sole discretion.