Which areas do you deliver to?

Takeaway delivery via our ordering platform is limited to a 3 mile radius from our shop as shown in the map below:

Can you deliver to my home or work address?

Sure, just include which address you’d like us to deliver to in your order form.

Where can I found out more information about your food?

For sourcing please see our infographic here

For nutritional content please see our menu here

For allergies please visit our food-info page

Meal Prep

Can you tailor a meal plan to my specific macronutrient requirements?

All of our portion sizes are standardised for consistency, however we have created food guides so you can do the maths and fit our meals into your daily requirements. To see these guides please visit our Food Information page.

Can I switch my carbs for an extra veg portion?

Yes. Simply tick 2 veg options in your online form.

Can you deliver my food hot?

No. To maintain freshness we deliver all of our meals chilled. Meals are best enjoyed re-heated in the microwave for 3 minutes, but they can also be eaten cold.

How long can I keep the meals for?

All of our meals should be consumed within 3 days. The meals can be frozen but for maximum taste we recommend eating them whilst they’re fresh.

How do I re-heat the meals?

3 minutes in the microwave.

Is your food halal?


Is your food organic?

Some of our food is organic and we use organic ingredients where possible, however we focus on providing maximum value to customers and in order to keep prices low we cannot use all organic ingredients.

Where can I find your food allergy information?


When will my food be delivered?

Local Orders (Bournemouth & Poole): All deliveries are made between 10am and 1pm Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. You choose the days that suit you on your checkout form when ordering. Please note our 5 meals a week plan is limited to 2 deliveries per week.

Nationwide Orders: Select up to 2 delivery days a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays). Please note our 5 meal package is restricted to 1 delivery per week for Nationwide delivery.

Which areas do you deliver to?

Local delivery is limited to Bournemouth, Poole and Ringwood postcodes. For delivery outside of these areas you can order via our nationwide delivery service from December 2018.

Can you deliver to my home or work address?

Sure, just include which address you’d like us to deliver to in your order form.

Do you deliver on weekends?

No. We currently offer a Monday – Friday service only, however we can deliver meals for the weekend on Fridays upon request, just add a note to your order form.

I only work a few days a week- can I have my meals delivered on selected days only?

Yes. When ordering you will be able to select which days you’d like deliveries before making payment.

How do I update my food choices on subscription?

Order updates can be submitted via the forms at this link: https://www.fr3shbox.com/update-order This link can also be found on the My Account Page

I’ve just signed up for a subscription plan- when will I receive my first delivery?

Please refer to the table below to work out when your deliveries will start. Note we are closed weekends so new subscriptions received Friday-Sunday will be processed on Monday, to start Tuesday.

Order PlacedFirst Delivery
Tues before 12pmWednesday


What time do I need to submit meal changes by to be effective on Monday the next week?

For changes to be effective on the following Monday we require all orders to be submitted by Thursday at 5pm. Any order updates or new order received after this time will start on Tuesday.

When will I be charged?

Your first payment will be made with your first order submission, and your subscription will run weekly from then on. Future payments will then be debited every Thursday as we process orders on Fridays for the following week.

Do you cater for large group orders?

Absolutely. You can order an unlimited number of meals through our online shop, or you can drop us a message at contact@fr3shbox.com and we can look into providing you with a discounted bulk deal based on the specifics of each order.

I’m going on holiday, can I pause my subscription without cancelling?

Sure, just send us an email at contact@fr3shbox.com and we can pause your account providing we receive a minimum notice period of 3 business days- this allows us to cancel any upcoming payments in time.

How do I cancel my account?

Please send us an email at contact@fr3shbox.com and we will cancel any future orders. Any meals already paid for will be delivered as per the order. Please note we require a minimum notice period of 3 business days to cancel- this allows us to cancel any upcoming payments in time. If this is not provided in time for the start of a new week then the next week will still be charged.