At FR3SHBOX we want to eliminate the barriers to consistent healthy eating, making good food more accessible, affordable and enjoyable.

Our meal prep service offers nutritious meals that are packed with flavour and delivered to your door, to help you eat healthier no matter what life you lead.


In 2016 our Founder, Billy Simons, a lifelong sports and fitness enthusiast, had spent 4 years working in London after graduation and was struggling to maintain what was once a strict diet and exercise routine. Long working hours and a lack of healthy food-to-go options made it difficult to get the nutrition required to perform both at work and in the gym.

Over time this began to take its toll, with unwanted weight gain and reduced fitness levels. Until one day, armed with some cooking know-how and a will to make a change, Billy left the corporate world behind and began building something that could make healthy eating easier for everyone…

next chapter

Fast forward to today and FR3SHBOX has delivered thousands of healthy meals to customers all over Dorset, from office workers to construction managers, bodybuilders to runners.

We’ve come a long way since Billy was cooking meals in his flat and delivering in his car, but for us the journey has only just begun. We are excited to now be helping people across the whole of the UK with our Nationwide Delivery service, taking one step closer to achieving our mission.