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Fancy dropping in for a coffee? Here’s how we do it

  1. Simple Menu

‘Quality not quantity’ is a principle we stand by at FR3SHBOX, which is why we have a simple 5 item coffee menu to choose from:

  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Flat white
  • Latte
  • Cappucino


  1. Double Shots

We believe Badhand coffee beans are the best around, so we want you to taste them! This is why all of our coffees are served with a double shot in an 8oz cup as standard. But don’t worry, if this is too strong for your liking we can also provide a 12oz upon request and add more water / milk if required.


  1. Gluten-Free Oat Milk

Tracking calories is hard enough without worrying about what’s hidden in your drinks. This is why we only offer naturally sweet gluten-free oat milk to go in our coffee. We’ve sourced the best oat milk the UK has to offer for our coffee and it isn’t available in the shops. But if you’re unsure, please feel free to ask for a sample before we add it to your drink as we’re confident you’ll love it.


  1. No Added-Sugar

As a healthy brand we can’t encourage the use of refined sugars, but if you like your drinks sweet then we do have the best substitute money can buy- Xylitol. It looks like sugar, it feels like sugar and best of all it tastes just like sugar! Forget the chemical aftertaste associated with artificial sweeteners- Xylitol is all natural and tastes great! It’s also very low on the GI scale and won’t spike your blood sugar or insulin levels, so it’s perfect for diabetics too. It’s also not cheap…but we know you’re worth it!

Find us on Queens Road, Bournemouth, where our Baristas are looking forward to serving you soon!