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We’re back and we’ve got a brand new offering!

After months of work and planning we’re pleased to say we are almost ready to open the doors of our new Healthy Takeaway on Queens Rd!

So to kick things off, let us introduce to you the first of our NEW and EXCLUSIVE menu ranges…enter FITBURGERS®!

fitburger deluxe fr3shbox healthy burgers
falafel burger fr3shbox fitburger
Fitburger original fr3shbox healthy burger

Featuring a range of top quality lean meats, including Dorset-raised grass-fed beef, free-range chicken from Devon and locally caught fresh fish, topped with deliciously melty high-protein cheese, and served in our fluffy gluten-free seeded buns, our Fitburgers will give you all the satisfaction of a big dirty burger but with none of the guilt!

It’s undoubtedly the start of a brand new chapter for us, as we move from online-only healthy meal deliveries, to all-out healthy fast food on the high street, and we can’t wait to start bringing you healthier versions of the food you love.

Stay tuned for more updates coming this week as we bring you additional menu announcements, the launch of our new website and that elusive opening date you’ve all been waiting for!