Our meals have been designed to fit the following approximate nutrition profile:

Kcals: c.400-500 Protein: 30-40g Carbohydrates: 40-50g (<5g sugar) Fat: 5-12g (<5g saturates)

For a specific breakdown of each meal and components you may use this PDF guide– please note these figures have not been independently verified and should be used as a guide only.



Please see the list of foods below that contain allergenic ingredients:

Beef Kofta- contains egg

Lean Chilli- contains traces of celery

Meatball Sauce- contains traces of celery

White Fish- contains Fish

Piri Piri Chicken- contains soya

Brown Pasta- contains wheat and gluten

Cous Cous- contains wheat and gluten

Soy Sauce (present in Thai Green Curry & stir-fried kale)- contains soy and wheat



Gluten is contained only in the following menu items:

Brown pasta

Cous Cous



Meals are fully cooked and chilled to retain freshness. For best enjoyment all meals should be reheated in a microwave for 3 minutes, but they can also be eaten cold.



Keep meals refrigerated, either in a fridge or a cool box/bag when travelling.